The Magic and Terror of Early Adulthood

Adobe Kroger, like the protagonist of my webcomic Molly Beans, is 22 years of age at the start of her story.  Another main character that will star in an upcoming audio drama I’m developing is roughly the same age. This isn’t a coincidence; it’s a very deliberate choice, one made mainly because of the implications Read more about The Magic and Terror of Early Adulthood[…]

We Desire Ease But Require Challenge

There was a time recently when I realized that I was becoming dissatisfied with my professional situation.  I was entering my fifth year as a software developer at a sizable multinational multimedia firm, surrounded by many coworkers who had tenures twice, three times, and in some cases four times as long as mine.  Given that, Read more about We Desire Ease But Require Challenge[…]

You’ll Use Everything You Ever Knew

So I recall one afternoon ten years ago, I was reading the highly engaging and entertaining autobiography of one Stephen Glenn Martin, titled Born Standing up.  Whether or not you appreciate or care about the career of this particular entertainer, the autobiography comes  as a highly recommended read for a multitude of reasons.  Let me Read more about You’ll Use Everything You Ever Knew[…]